I'll be honest...

I'm a long time shopping addict. I'm well known for my intense ability to shop, and, to find cool stuff. I've shared my finds with friends for years, but I'd like to share the stuff I like with more folks. So I'm putting all the cool stuff I find here on this web site and you, too, can benefit from my passion for coolhunting. Some of the stuff here I have bought, some I just want, but everything I post is something I've found to be unique and noteworthy, even, dare I say... epic. I hope you enjoy the site.

Many of the items displayed here do pay me a small referrel fee when someone purchases the item, but many do not. It's a commission from the online retailer and does not increase or change the price you pay in any way. A lot of the larger online retail sites have programs like this. But I intend to only post items I truly believe have a certain epicness. Epicitude. Epicosity. Possibly, EpicPwnage.

If you have questions you can email me: jjackson@seriousdesign.com

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