The Viking World

An Epic Objects Curated Collection

This collection is dedicated to my friends who do Viking reenactment at gatherings all over the world…and in Texas. It’s also dedicated to the NYDM – NY Death Metal Club, who are brutal Vikings at heart!


Inspired by the amazing Vikings series from The History Channel, this collection is dedicated to beautiful historical recreations and crafts.

Hand Forged Spearhead

A hand forged Viking cut and thrust winged spearhead from the Frost Ferrum Forge in Finland. Similar to Ragnar Lothbrok’s, it’s forged from high-quality spring steel. Suitable for hunting boar or Saxons.

$152.91 from Etsy

Viking Black Death Shield

This 21.5″ solid wood shield has a 16 gauge steel rim, boss, and handle, and a  leather arm strap. 

$177.00 from Amazon

Viking Drinking Horn Mug

Made from authentic, ethically sourced ox horn & carefully crafted to inspire a feeling of drinking back in time. Each tankard comes in a burlap sack. Choose a drinking vessel as interesting as you!

$39.87 from Amazon


 Viking and Medieval weapons, suitable for displaying, historical recreations, costumes, and crafts.

Full Size Viking Shield

This 29″ finished wood & steel shield is prestained a dark brown and has bolted steel boss, decorative strips, and rim. The back is covered in felt and has a two-inch forearm strap and a handle.

$185.00 from Amazon

Embossed Viking Helmet

Made of 18 gauge steel with an antiqued finish. It has deeply embossed details in traditional Celtic designs of knotwork and animals. Adjustable leather liner with chin strap. Wearable, but it runs small.

$234.95 from Museum Replicas Ltd

Medieval Battle Axe

A Dual-headed, fantasy-themed battle axe that a Viking would surely lust for. This is a one-handed axe, 21 inches long, with a wire-wrapped grip and comes with a wall display hanger.

$27.95 from Amazon


Interesting and unique Viking stuff created by independent artists all over the world. 

Viking at Heart Ale Glass

Sometimes when you’re kicking back, streaming Vikings on Netflix you might feel like drinking from something more modern. This glass assures the world that you are still a Viking at Heart.

$13.70 from Zazzle

Hand Forged Rune Pendants

Elder Futhark runes hand forged by my favorite blacksmith, Frost Ferrum Forge in Finland. These come strung on soft elk leather. I own several of his pieces and wear them often. 

$21.17 from Etsy

Viking on Board Car Mats

Does your car, truck, or longship carry Vikings? Get this full set of custom printed front and back car floor mats with a unique design. These mats are easy to clean and guaranteed to endure dirt and spills.

$83.35 from Zazzle

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